Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Rules

New Year brings the desire for change and improvement.  Many come into the new year looking to improve themselves with some sort of goal.  Some of these goals are to get in better shape, to quit smoking, to drink less (or more!), to be more outgoing.

Here are my new rules.

1. Keep in touch with my friends and family:  I don't want to lose contact with any of my loved ones.  And sometimes even a quick phone call every week just to let them know how I'm doing and that I'm still alive and kicking can go a long way.

2. Be the bigger man:  When you love someone, you probably will hurt their feelings.  It's just part of being in that kind of relationship.  I don't always make my parents happy, and I sure as hell can piss off my brother from time to time.  Now it's time to be the bigger man, apologize for the mistakes, big or small.

3. Be more spontaneous:  I actually got a small taste of this kind of thing last year.  I didn't do it often mainly because my lifestyle was very rigid and preplanned.  I was so busy with work, school, shows, drill, work, school, shows, drill, etc...  When I have the time, energy, and resources to just bounce and go do something amazing and spontaneous, you can bet that I'm going to get up and go do it.

4. Improve health:  This one is huge.  My parents have progressing health problems that I would not wish upon any person on this planet.  The only thing I can say is that they are mostly self inflicted.  The lack of self maintenance and smoking are both huge causes to the condition that my parents are in.  I want to eat healthy and stay fit.

5. Graduate:  Do whatever it takes.  Graduate by December.

5.1 Make good grades:  This will open up opportunities past my undergraduate career.  If I get a good GPA that opens up the grad school door.

6. Save Money:  This is a simple fix for me.  Cook more.  Go out to eat less.  Make coffee at home.  Visit the parents when they invite me over, (usually also comes with a complimentary, "Stay as long as you'd like and eat whatever you want!").

7. Create, Create, Create:  Make more mixes.  Make more remixes.  Work on an original production.  Write.  Blog.  Draw.  Share.

8. Control my life:  Facebook is a tool that is commonly mistaken as a pause button until the next event in one's life.  It's a great social tool and it's fantastic for catching up with friends.  Facebook should not be lived on.  Update your status, send a few messages, check up on your friends, leave.  I can say the same exact thing about reddit in my life.  Though reddit is an odd entanglement of entertainment, news, and productivity. 

With these rules/guidelines/goals/whatever this year is going to Legen - Wait for it!

- José

Edit:  dary.